The best nerf gun

Reviews of the best models of the Nerf toy guns for your kids

Kids always love to play with the toy guns because it will provide them both the entertainment and also the thrilling experience. Once you have decided to play with a gun, first of all you should need to pick a right brand. The NERF is one and only the best brand which provides the extraordinary models of the guns to take the different types of the action sequences. The following are a few numbers of the best nerf gun models which include a lot of benefits too.

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 blue - It is the best model of the nerf gun that comes with the Nerf rival artemis which is a king of the slam fire action. When considering the mode of fire, it includes single fire/slam fire. The blaster is absolutely designed with the tactical rail and also the trigger lock in order to avoid the accidental firing and has the largest trip which works well for both kids and adults.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster - It is absolutely a right the top model of the nerf gun which has the best design to impress several numbers of the users. Your baby really looks great in the brown and green zombie strike color scheme of this gun along with the low ammo capacity.